From Vegetables to Medicine


Small farmers in the Delta traditionally plant  regional crops: squash, sweet potatoes, greens, and zucchini. These crops have been the staple for many soul food dinners. However, Mr. Frank is healing the body and the soul by taking his planting one step further: growing Echinacea.

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NDPGA Ranks No. 1 in Attendance, MSAN Development Session

Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network

On May 30, 2012, the North Delta Produce Growers Association attended the 1st Annual Sustainable Ag Network Conference at University, MS.  The two day conference focused on small farm development throughout the state of MS, with a specific emphasis on helping small farmers develop innovative ideas surrounding marketing, organization, networking, and capacity building.

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Pitching In and Lending A Helping Hand


NDPGA members understand the true meaning of lending a helping hand. On Monday, June 6, a group of North Delta members went to fellow member Mr. James Brewer’s farm to help him set up a drip irrigation system.  Members worked tirelessly for over  3 hours to ensure that Brewer had the soil properly tilled, the hoses laid, and that a good exchange of knowledge and information was passed on from member to member.

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NDPGA Attends Grenada Farmers’ Market Grand Opening

2013-06-01 10.22.16

Members of NDPGA attended Grenada’s Farmers’ Market Grand Opening on June 1, 2013. In show of solidarity with local farmers markets, NDPGA created a display that highlighted the types of crops our local growers are producing,  and also provided a bouncer for children to play in as parents perused the market.  Grenada’s Mayor Billy Collins came to visit the booth and pledged his continual support to North Delta Growers.

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