Local Farmers To Pack Wal-mart Shelves


Marks, MS–On June 18, 2013, NDPGA members met with two Wal-mart representatives at the Alcorn Processing Facility (Marks, MS) to discuss the continuation of Wal-mart’s partnership with local growers. Wal-mart representative Mike Meyers spoke candidly about the company’s desire to work with local farmers and to keep locally grown products on the shelves. Although the conversation was focused on pea production, Meyers also stated that the company would be willing to purchase other food items from the local farmers. This includes greens, horse radish, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and other items.  Each product will be packaged with a special label that allows the consumer to know that these vegetables have been grown locally.

The discussion was moderated by Alcorn State University media specialist Elizabeth Myles and the Marks Process Facility Manager Percy Baldwin. Approximately 17 local farmers were in attendance in a meeting that span over an hour.  Afterwards, Meyers and other Wal-mart representatives took a tour of various local farms to see the types of crops grown in the MS Delta.



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